Telvin Benjamin

Travel Photographer

Born in Massachusetts, USA

2014-18 Studied at Suffolk University Boston

2019-present Studying at UMass Lowell

About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my site! I'm a Massachusetts native who loves to capture the moments as a hobby. I have heritage from France, Guadeloupe (French overseas department in the Lesser Antilles), and Haiti. Yes, I do speak French. I love traveling and aspire to visit as many places around the world as possible. As for my educational background, I'm a Suffolk University graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in physics with a concentration in astrophysics. Continuing for my Master's degree in atmospheric science. Aside from this hobby, I do seek a profession in the physical sciences.


About Website

I have been taking lots of photos over the past several years as a leisure and decided, why not, create my own website to showcase some of my adventures to you. TeBe Photographs offers land (nature & urban), aerial, and astronomic images, as well as aerial videos. All images and videos are taken by me, unless noted otherwise. Content will be added as I go in the months and years ahead. Look around and see what you like.

Inspire to imagine, explore, and capture the moment.

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TeBe Photographs

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