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Welcome to the heart of this website, Albums! The journey begins mainly in Boston (exception of Sydney) and expands onward wherever the travels go. As seen above, current displayed albums include: Sydney, Boston, Western Europe (Tenerife, Spain, and France), San Francisco, Nantucket, Guadeloupe, France, Montreal, and Drone Shots (Massachusetts, Domestic, International). If you only want to see aerial photographs, proceed to the Drone Shots albums, though, aerial images do appear in other albums dating from 2017. Drone Shots (Massachusetts) only covers scenes within the state. Drone Shots (Domestic) will cover scenes within the United States. Drone Shots (International) will cover scenes beyond the United States exploring other countries and regions.

Venture into any of these albums and witness pieces of the world. Click on any of them and learn something new. Every picture taken is a moment in time and each moment can be viewed repeatedly. The albums above contain numerous moments waiting to be seen you and others over the course of time.

Lots of more places to be imagined, explored, and captured. Many more moments to be made!

Selected images from the albums are available for purchase in the TeBe Store section.

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