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 January 2021

     Welcome to TeBe Photographs (TBP) where you can travel uncovering the imagined, explored, and captured moments. This site presents captivating images in the areas of nature, urban, aerial, and astrophotography, as well as aerial videos. The meaning behind TBP comes from the process (below) of acquiring an image. On this site, it is seen as originating from inspiration. What do one inspire to see, to do, and to remember. Every image is a captured moment in time to be seen for eternity. 


Image = a frame in time of a specific location

Imagine: Inspire to imagine

> See oneself going to this place.


Explore: Inspire to explore

> One is in such place uncovering its wonders.


Capture: Inspire to capture - Capture the moment 

> One takes photographs of the place creating frames in time: souvenirs.

> What is the significance of that captured moment?

> Images are worth limitless words.

     Navigate easily through different sections of the site in the bar above (or top-right if using mobile site). If you like to view photos, visit the Showcase section. If you enjoy watching drone footage, head to the Videos section and TeBe Photographs' YouTube channel (scroll down for more information, if on desktop site). If you have an interest in the state of our planet and space (astronomy), head over to the new Earth & Space section. If you wish to purchase physical items or digital images, proceed to TeBe Store. New content will continuously be added. Feel free to like and share this content as it helps this site.

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     TeBe Store offers both digital images and physical items mainly in the areas of nature and urban photography. Digital images are selected shots from past adventures. As mentioned above, every image is a captured moment in time. Feel inspired to add some decorations as a gift, around the house, office, or wherever you see fit with physical items. They include such shots and designs on canvas wraps, wall posters, mugs, T-shirts, and more. New products are added routinely. In addition to TeBe Store, is the Art Store where you have the opportunity to select images you like to place on products such as canvas wraps, T-shirts, and tote bags. Please note that orders made at TeBe Store and the Art Store are separate. Help support TeBe Photographs by shopping at these stores.

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Earth & Space

Find out about the state of our planet and expand to the cosmos with TeBe Photographs. From here on the ground to reaching the final frontier. See the captured state of Earth and captured moments of the universe. There is lots to uncover about this priceless world and the Great Unknown.

TeBe Photographs on YouTube

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Welcome to the site's channel where drone videos are showcased. Videos range with montages from Nantucket to Guadeloupe to France. New footage is added on a periodic basis. If you are interested, click to the channel (above) and subscribe!

Video Description (above):

Bienvenue en Gwadloup! Welcome to the beautiful French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe!! It is one of the five overseas department of France, located in the Lesser Antilles, SE of Puerto Rico, S of Montserrat & Antigua, and N of Dominica. (Other overseas French departments include Martinique, French Guiana, Réunion, and Mayotte.) This is a drone footage compilation from 2 separate trips to the island. The communes covered are Saint-François, Le Moule, Port-Louis, Anse-Bertrand, La Gosier, Trois-Rivières, and Deshaies. Enjoy!

Don't forget, drone clips can also be viewed in the Videos section of this site!

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