Photo of the Week: December 24th

Monday December 24, 2018: Christmas Eve!

Sunset from Jetties Beach in Nantucket.

This star you see above, the Sun, has been shining for approximately 4.6 billion years fusing hydrogen (H) isotopes into helium (He), yielding tons of energy, with photons taking 8 minutes 20 seconds covering 150 million km (93 million miles) to reach Earth giving beautiful sunsets like this. This sunset symbolizes a turning page. As the year of 2018 concludes, here is the time to reflect on this past year. Focus on the good that has happened during 2018. Whatever successes you made this year, may its momentum carry to the next. As we enter into the final year of the 2010s decade, make every moment count in 2019 to begin the 2020s strong. As one chapter closes, another begins.

Happy End of 2018!

Inspire to imagine, explore, and capture the moment.

#nantucket #sunset #chapter #conclusion

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