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Thursday October 25, 2018:

Drone in Nantucket, MA

Hello everyone! My name is Telvin Benjamin and welcome to my website! I'm a Massachusetts native who loves to capture the moments as a hobby, either on land or by air. Since I have been taking lots of pictures over the past several years as a leisure and decided, why not, create my own site to showcase some of my adventures to you. TeBe Photographs offers both breathtaking land and aerial images, ranging between nature and city, as well as aerial videos. It gives you a chance to visit the imagined, explored, and captured moments. Every image taken is a moment in time that can be viewed repeatedly. All photos and videos are taken by me, unless noted otherwise. Content will be added as I go in the months and years ahead. Look around the website and see what you like.

Founder of TeBe Photographs, Telvin Benjamin

June 2018: TeBe Photographs is launched on the 24th.

Facebook page created at https://www.facebook.com/tebephotographs.

Instagram feed created at https://www.instagram.com/photographstebe.

August: YouTube channel is established displaying drone montages.


September: TeBe Store is opened at https://www.tebephotographs.com/tebestore.

October: Blog page is created at https://www.tebephotographs.com/blog.

Members page is created at https://www.tebephotographs.com/members.

(If you are interested, join!)

What's coming next? Stay tune!

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