Aerial Videography

Do you like and enjoy watching drone videos? What to see places from the air? Are you curious about drones? Well, you came to the right place! Uncover aerial videography through the lens of my DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone filmed in 4K quality. This drone has been in service since 2017 and continuously been delivering impressive shots. As part of displaying photographs on this site, I felt it is also best to share some videos with you, aerial videos. Clips begin from July 2017 onward. Areas covered include Nantucket, Boston, the French island of Guadeloupe, and more. You can now have that bird's eye view whether it is flying over a calm river to observing waves crashing on shore. After all, I appreciate just being above land seeing a greater area in all directions. You are free to like, comment, and share. More videos will be added, especially as I travel around. 

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TeBe Photographs

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Season 1: A compilation of drone montages from the first year of flight. Beginning in Nantucket Island to finishing off in Salisbury Beach with highlight of the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe. Sightseeing the lighthouse at Great Point to tropical waters by Pointe des Châteaux shooting out to the Atlantic. These have been great experiences. Much more to come for the second year. Enjoy the aerial views! Happy travels! :)

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